Can you “see” your thoughts? You sure can.

Circles. Squares. Rectangles. Hexagons. Maps.

These shapes have power when applied to career planning. Drawings and visual illustrations help us organize our thoughts. They are a wonderful way to translate the chaos of ideas in your brain into an organized pattern and provide a clearer path to the next step in your career plans. Different shapes encourage different types of thinking and analysis, and help us see relationships that were previously hidden.

My favorite visual-thinking career exercises are the Wandering Map and the Possible Lives Exercise, which I describe in detail in my book, You Majored in What.

The photos on this page are examples of “Quote Shrines,” easy to create illustrations of inspirational quotes that help you focus on what is important in your life. In my visual thinking and career coaching seminars, participants learn to create these shrines as well as many other fun creative exercises which open them (and their clients or students) to new ideas and new ways of thinking about their careers.

Visual thinking techniques are a unique, creative, inexpensive and easy way to work with clients individually and in groups. Contact me if your organization is interested in learning more about these techniques.