Have no fear. Regardless of the economy or your college major you can conquer the seeming chaos of the job search. Welcome to CareerArtistry, my website dedicated to helping liberal arts students and alumni (and just about anyone who is seeking a new way to earn a living) navigate their way through the 21st century job market, where linear systems are fading away and chaos reigns.


I’m Dr. Katharine Brooks,

and I have worked in the field of career development for over 20 years, specializing in individuals whose career paths are unique and interesting. The career coaching system I have developed-- “Wise Wanderings”-- has helped thousands of individuals find their careers and sometimes even their calling. You can read all about it in my book  You Majored in What?  It’s all about developing career resilience and learning to deal with all the chaos and complexity that comes with managing your career in the 21st century. I hope the articles, information and resources on this site are helpful. Get ready to move forward in a new direction and cut through the anxiety and negative thinking that make the job search seem so difficult.

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